Comprehensive finishing lines.

Plant engineering from KONTRA stands for premium-quality when it comes to custom-fit complete solutions. From press outfeed, handling and saw systems through to packed stack. Even complex production processes. Conceived, designed and manufactured by KONTRA.

Our custom-fit
complete systems include for example:

  • board handling and saw systems after the press
    • stacking and handling in the warehouse
    • sanding lines, also including inline saws
    • handling in the formatting unit und board finishing
    • process automation


We prove our strong service orientation combined with short decision-making, personal contacts and tremendous dedication in every step of the project. 

We take care of all details for you:

  • your individual demand
    • reconciliation of data relating to system performance
    • preparation of a system draft including description and performance calculation
    • wherever possible, structural design conditions are taken into account or alternatives or variants are proposed
    • quotation including layout, description, calculation, lead time and payment arrangements
    • implementation of your system including the corresponding documentation
    • system assembly, installation and commissioning


Performance made to order.

Our plant sections complement your existing plant individually, are building blocks of your complete line or renew and optimize your production line concept in the course of modernization. But also taking account of your production processes, area restrictions and existing components.

Plant sections at a glance:

  • press lines with diagonal saw
    • storage systems
    • sanding lines, also with inline saws
    • tongue and groove systems
    • printing and varnishing lines
    • coating systems
    • customized systems
    • process automation

Press lines

Press lines

KONTRA systems represent a high-quality solution for the production with single daylight, multiple daylight or continuous presses. KONTRA is your partner for the production “around the clock”.

Always in use.

Our flexible adaption to the press concept, the product and the existing conditions offers you an individual system with convenient procedures and high availability.

Machines and components of a press line:

  • length trimming unit / diagonal saw
    • quality control system (measurement technology is integrated externally)
    • reject systems / board breaker
    • board doubling or formation of batches
    • cooling turners and cooling systems
    • formation of jumbo stacks and standard stacking boxes
    • handling of base boards 

Storage automation for area storage systems.

The basic carriage transports stacks to and from plant sections and the store shuttle carriage (dog system) is used within the warehouse. The storage automation is linked to other areas of the plant with additional conveying technology. An integrated stack chain conveyor enables a direct stack transfer without additional adapter conveyors.

Areas and components of a storage automation system:

  • basic carriage, optionally supplied with chain conveyor
    • 1 or 2 shuttle carriages integrated in the basic carriage
    • storage areas in steel or concrete construction (supplied by the customer)
    • rails for basic carriage and in storage areas (supplied by the customer)
    •  conveyor technology and stack packing unit as an option 

Storage automation

The KONTRA storage automation system takes over the transport of jumbo stacks to the storage area and to the downstream processing and production lines.

Storage automation
Sanding lines

Sanding lines

Particularly in combination with inline saw and packaging line the KONTRA sanding line offers an efficient machine concept in the areas of sanding, cutting-to-size and packing boards.

Compact and powerful.

Areas of a sanding line including inline saw:

  • feeding system
    • board transport and alignment
    • sanding machine (provided or sourced elsewhere)
    • quality control (external measuring equipment will be integrated)
    • length and cross cut saw systems as an option
    • sorting and stacking station
    • handling of base boards
    • stack transport
    • packaging line as an optio

2 sided and 4 sided edge processing.

In general, we differentiate between two concepts: 

  • feeding of large sizes and stacks: This concept provides a high degree of flexibility and performance. On the other hand, this entails a high capital expenditure.
    • feeding of small sizes and normal stacks: the press line needs already divided boards and will produce a T+ G preformat. Thus, the press line becomes more complicated. Alternatively preformats can be produced on a separate saw line.

Areas of a T+G line:

  • feeding system
    • length trimming and cross cut dividing saw
    • board separation
    • double end tenoner (not produced by KONTRA)
    • quality control
    • sorting and stacking station
    • stack transport
    • packaging line as an option

Tongue and groove systems

KONTRA’s tongue and groove systems (T+G lines) automatically generate tongue and groove edges for particle and OSB boards in throughfeed operation with a double-end tenoner.

Tongue and groove systems
Printing and varnishing lines

Printing and varnishing lines

The handling of KONTRA’s printing and varnishing lines is designed in such a way that it suits the individual requirements of our clients in the best possible way.

Special handling requirements.

High performance, separation and transportation of thin boards, extremely long lines (up to 400 m) which only become feasible through curves, sensitive surfaces and double-sided varnishing are just some importing criteria for printing and varnishing lines. 

Areas of a varnishing line:

  • high-performance feeding system
    • handling of base boards
    • handling of pallets alternatively or as an option
    • board transport via curves
    • printing and varnishing systems (not produced by KONTRA)
    • sorting and stacking stations
    • pile turner and stack transport
    • packaging line as an option 

High performance continuous coating.

Whether continuous coating in the double belt press, the thermal coating system or coating in a short-cycle press, KONTRA offers you the complete handling spectrum of all types of coating materials and substrate panels.

Areas of a coating system:

  • feeding system
    • board trimming
    • coating systems (not produced by KONTRA)
    • diagonal saw with edge cleaning
    • quality control
    • board cooling
    • sorting and stacking stations 

Coating systems

Coating and finishing of board surfaces is becoming increasingly important. Automatic feed systems, transport systems and stacking systems manufactured by KONTRA ensure an economical and continuous operation.

Coating systems

Special machines

Our special, customized machines and individual components form a high-quality basis for your overall concept. Sound knowledge of materials and specific characteristics facilitate numerous different applications.

Process automation

Installed, tested, ready for operation. KONTRA process automation includes switch cabinet construction, SPS programming and visualization from one source. We offer versatility regarding adaptation of your control system and your installation.

Further questions?

We would be glad to offer you advice on the topic of systems, modernization and operation.


Wide range of products.

Do you need individual machines to complement your existing production facility? KONTRA will provide you with custom-fit individual modules. Perfectly adapted to the processes of your installation.

Suitable for a wide range of applications.

Broad range of cost-effective and efficient individual machines as standard or special version.

Individual modules at a glance:

  • diagonal saws, length trimming as an option
    • length and cross cut dividing saws for individual panels and board packages including package formation and saw table
    • reject systems / board breaker
    • cooling turner / board turner / stack turner
    • high stack formation as lifting device or gripper
    • conveyor technology for boards and stacks
    • transfer trolley including conveyor technology or shuttle
    • feeding systems for normal stacks and jumbo stacks
    • board separation
    • board transport via curves
    • standard stacking boxes / sorting and stacking stations
    • handling of base boards and pallets
    • vacuum and gripper conveyors
    • timber placing
    • conveyor technology in the areas of board processing / board coating and stack packaging
    • destacking for impregnating systems

Individual modules

Optimizing and stabilizing the production of existing plants. Retrofits and replacements are also possible for plants purchased from other manufacturers.

Individual modules


Targeted performance optimization.

Maintenance and modernization are essential for cost-effective production processes. We overhaul your existing KONTRA production unit. And provide technical help, should this become necessary.

Spare parts

Custom-fit replacement.

Do you need a spare part? Precise placement and continuous project support minimize your production downtime. And guarantee a long working life of your parts.


Competent support.

Our particular strength is solving individual problems. How do we go about it? Years of experience, profound advice, minimal reaction times and short routes are some of our main characteristics.